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Sephy the Cavapoo puppy photoshoot

My Bristol pet and dog photography adventures took me to London to have a fantastic photoshoot with a puppy Cavapoo named Sephy. Normally I tend to stick to the areas of Bristol, Bath and the South West but when I was contacted to photograph this adorable ball of fluff how could I refuse? We spent a couple of hours taking some fantastic shots and her boundless energy definitely kept me on my feet!

The shoot started in her home where I got some candid photos of Sephy taking great care over a pair of trainers, although I got the impression they may not have been hers...

No no, this is definitely my trainer.

We soon headed out to a local park where I got to experience the pure ball of energy she truly was, completely adorable but always on the move. The sun was particularly bright and warm that day so we tried to stick to the shade as much as we could to avoid Sephy over-heating.

Born free! Sephy's boundless energy in full force.

Nevertheless, armed with treats and squeaky toys we managed to keep her still for at least a few seconds at a time to snap some great shots which her owners were over the moon with! When you have a puppy this adorable it's going to be hard not to get fantastic dog photographs.

Could I look more cute right now?

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