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Puppies of 2021

Puppy photoshoots were definitely on the up in 2021 and although they may be VERY cute, cuddly and even hilarious at times, taking great photographs of them is not always so straight forward.

Adorable King Charles Cavalier Puppies

Patience and preparation are (in my opinion) the key to creating brilliant puppy photographs. At such a young age following commands is definitely not at the top of a puppy's priority list (climbing all over me or chewing my camera strap often seems more appealing to them), some are often capable of a 'sit', or a 'lay down' or maybe even a 'stay'. Which is fantastic, but it's often for a very limited time. Because of this I always allow for a decent amount of 'play time' in between taking photographs, a bit of time to do what they want, burn some energy and then we'll do a short burst of posing (with or without a lead) to give me a few seconds to hopefully get the shot!

Adorable head tilt puppy photoshoot

Fortunately most puppies are very interested in the squeakers and toys that I use to grab their attention during my photoshoots, although this is normally followed by them charging directly at me so they can come and investigate. This means the window of time to capture the perfect stare (or even a head-tilt if you're lucky) is always very small. However, when you do manage to capture those special moments of a puppy it really can just fill your heart with joy. Here are some of my favourites from throughout 2021, I hope you love them as much as I do and if you're inspired by these photographs to have a photoshoot for your own puppy then please get in touch here, after all they don't stay that size for long!

If you're inspired by these photographs to have a photoshoot for your very own puppy then please get in touch here.

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