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International Puppy Day is here!

It's March 23rd which can only mean one thing... It's International Puppy day! Puppies can be one of the trickiest clients to photograph, they rarely want to sit still, they love running at the camera and climbing all over me (poor me!) and they can get over-tired really quickly. After many sessions photographing puppies I've learnt A LOT. On all my Puppy photoshoots I make sure they are at ease around the camera, giving them time to sniff, hear the noise of the shutter and associate it all as a good thing (this means lots of treats). Allowing down time during the shoot for the puppy to do important puppy business like sniffing, running in circles or debating what treat they deserve next is also a must, and sometimes you can even get some great shots during this time. And of course it's completely fine for a puppy to stay on a lead during the photoshoot, as with a few tricks I've picked up these can easily be edited out afterwards.

I've been fortunate enough to photograph some absolutely adorable puppies in and around the Bristol area and thought this would be a great opportunity to share some of the photos! If you've recently welcomed a new land-shark or furball into your family and would love some beautiful photographs to capture the memories of them before they transform into bigger, adorable furballs then get in touch as I would love to help!

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